Deer tracks

Hunting TLR

Deer tracks

What to Expect from TLR

TLR is 250 acres of a mixture of free range and game fenced wildlife preserve. The time of year, type of species, weather and style of hunting will all dictate what is going to give us the best chance of success on a hunt. We may spot and stalk, hunt from a tree or blind for deer, use thermal optics at night to hunt pigs or predators.

Brad likes to say, “Mother Nature sets the terms of engagement, and she has been here longer.” Come prepared to see everything from Trophy Whitetail, Blackbuck and Axis deer walk out in the road, in front of your blind or under your tree. If you prefer to harvest for the table, we welcome it.

Ensuring an Ethical Hunt

Proper management of our herd numbers is crucial. We pride ourselves on quality management of the wildlife habitat, so please leave our pastures and woods the way you found it… minus an animal or two of course.

Be prepared to spend the time it takes on the range. This is important because, whether you’re an archer or lead slinger, we must ensure we are making ethical decisions with each harvest.  All trips are guided and we have accommodations for  every skill level and hunting style.